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White Runway "X" Closure Marker 1.8m x 38.8m (Sewn "X" w/Grommets)

White Runway "X" Closure Marker 1.8m x 38.8m (Sewn "X" w/Grommets)


Product Code: WXM100
Made in USA #1Icon #5

Product Information

U.S. Barricades® 1.8m x 38.8m White Runway "X" Closure Marker is ICAO compliant for use at Caribbean, Canadian and overseas airport that require the specifications for closing runways and taxiways. Our white runway closure X markers are made with ultra-violet resistant, heavy duty 12mil thick 4-ply woven reinforced polyethylene with white webbing sewn to the perimeter. Corrosion resistant brass grommets are placed inside the webbing at 30" intervals around entire perimeter.

U.S. Barricades® WXM100 White Runway/Taxiway X Closure Markers are strong and durable with 2 sections sewn together for elongated "X" and grommets every 30" around perimeter. Made in the United States with quality, our runway "X" markers will last for years in harsh environments.

Specifications: WXM100

  • Color - White
  • Size - 1.8m x 38.8m - 6ft x 127ft 4in
  • Material - 12mil thick, 4-ply Woven Reinforced Polyethylene
  • 2 Sections Sewn Together For Elongated "X"
  • Complete "X" Size (14.5m) Across Narrow End (36m) - 47ft 7in x 118ft
  • Brass Grommets @ 30" Around Entire Perimeter
  • Ultra-Violet Resistant Material 
  • ICAO Compliant
  • Made in the United States
Product CodeWXM100
ManufacturerU.S. Barricades®

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