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Made in America


Made in America


U.S. Barricades is your source for Traffic Control and Safety products that are 100% made in the United States and are Berry Amendment Compliance. Our mission is to save American jobs by increasing American manufacturing capability and improving Americas infrastructure. We buy raw materials all from the United States, our research and development is conducted in the United States and all of our manufacturing process in completed in the United States.


American-Made Infrastructure:

Our nation’s policymakers must identify solutions to the funding challenges that stand in the way of addressing the massive backlog of repairs to our nation’s highways, rail and transit systems, water systems, and other critical infrastructure.


Buy America and Procurement:

Reinvesting tax dollars here at home creates American jobs, invests in goods produced under strong environmental and workplace safety standards, and protects our economic and improves national security.


What Is Berry Compliant?

The Berry Amendment (USC, Title 10, Section 2533a), requires the Department of Defense (DOD) to give preference in procurement to domestically produced manufactured products. Congress originally passed domestic source restrictions as part of the 1941 Fifth Supplemental DOD Appropriations Act in order to protect the domestic industrial base in the time of war.


History Of The Berry Amendment:

The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) was amended to include exceptions for the acquisition of food, specialty metals, and hand or measuring tools when needed to support contingency operations or when the use of other-than-competitive procedures is based on an unusual and compelling urgency.

Congress has since revised the Berry Amendment in the Fiscal Year 2007 and Fiscal Year 2008 National Defense Authorization Acts. The revised statute now includes exemptions for certain Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) items, a de minimus exception for small amounts of non-domestic metal (excluding high-performance magnets), a market basket approach to measuring the amount of domestic metal content in articles delivered to DOD, and a national security waiver to prevent the delay in delivery of critically needed systems to troops in combat. Additionally, the blanket exemption for fasteners was removed by Congress, now requiring that at least 50% of commercial fastener specialty metal content be domestic. Finally, Congress required that all waivers or Domestic Non-Availability Determinations (DNADs) be reviewed and revised to comply with the amended law.