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Conflict Monitor - 16 Channel - TYPE 170 and TYPE 179 Controllers

Conflict Monitor - 16 Channel - TYPE 170 and TYPE 179 Controllers


Product Code: Model 210MS
Made in USA #1Icon #5

Product Information

The Model 210MS is the new standard of diagnostic capabilities for 16 Channel, Type 170 and 179 Conflict Monitors. Traffic monitor 210MS is a cost effective solution to detect and diagnose your traffic signal equipment.

Conflict Monitors can be installed in new systems or upgrade Type 170 and 179 units operating in the field. Model 210MS meets or exceeds Caltrans specifications for 16 Channel Conflict Monitor and is made in the United States.


  • Operating temperature conditions and line voltage are automatically recorded with events.
  • On board dip switches for programming monitor functions.
  • Event Logging of 100 records retained through power failure
  • No Input / Absence of Red Monitoring, Minimum Yellow Time Monitoring, Transition Sequence Monitoring and Multiple Indication Monitoring.
  • Compatibility with all TYPE 170 and TYPE 179 Controllers
  • RS232 Serial Communications Capability
  • DIP Switch selection of Enhanced Monitoring Functions
  • Systems Communications through Controller Unit as an option
  • Microprocessor based design
  • RMS voltage monitoring (not peak-voltage-only)
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Internal monitor Hardware and Software Watch Dog
  • Real Time Clock
  • Enhanced Monitoring including Red Monitoring
  • Temperature and line voltage recorded with events
  • Displaying permissive programming on Personal/Laptop Computer
  • Simple command/routine enables all functions for automatic testing while retaining desired set-up for intersection
  • Meets or exceeds CALTRANS TYPE 170 requirements
  • Made in the United States


In accordance with Type 170 Specifications
Operating Voltage:
89 to 135 volts ac, or as per applicable specification.
60 +/- 3 Hertz 1 Amp SLO-BLO fusing
Temperature Range:
-30 °F to 165 °F.
Channels Monitored:
16 Channels, 18 optional - add "-18" to model number.
Monitored Signals:
+24 Volt DC
Controller Watch Dog, 1.0 seconds or 1.5 seconds. 48 ac field wire voltages (both polarities of sinusoid and out-of-phase voltages are monitored). 54 as an option, ("-18")
Displayed Information:
All active channels, power, and FAULTS on LEDs.
"RESET" button prevents defeating unit operation.
Basic Function:
Conflicting Green or Yellow on any two or more non-compatible channels (full or half-wave). FAULT signal status retained through power failure in EEPROM and displayed on LED indicators.
Enhanced Functions:
Minimum Yellow Timing, Sequence and Multiple Output monitoring selectable for each channel. Absence of Red selectable for each channel. Selections made using DIP switches. Low (Brownout) and high AC line voltage. Internal monitor Hardware and Software Watch Dog. Failure due to removal of program card.

Product CodeModel 210MS

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