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T-Top Stackable Channelizer Cone

T-Top Stackable Channelizer Cone


Product Code: T-Top Channelizer

Product Information
 T-Top Channelizer Cone has a unique T-shaped handle with mounting hole to install all types of barricade lights. Our Channelizer cones are the most durable and impact resistant design in the industry, will last for years under the most demanding conditions. Tested and certified to meet the crash worthy requirements of NCHRP-350.


Channelizer Material: High-density polyethylene
Channelizer Color: Fluorescent orange or white
Channelizer Weight: 3 pounds
Cone Dimensions: Top 4“ tapering to 8 1/2“ bottom, Bottom Flange: 11“
Bottom Flange: 11"
Reflectivity: 3M Engineer Grade, High Intensity and Diamond Grade
Warranty: 90 Days Warranty
Made in the United States
Product CodeT-Top Channelizer

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