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Speed Bump 4 (Recycled Rubber)

Speed Bump 4 (Recycled Rubber)


Product Code: Speed Bump 4
Made in USA #1

Product Information

U.S. Barricades® 4 inch Speed Bump is the only free-standing speed bump available on the market today for traffic speeds of 3 - 5 MPH without the need to bolt down these units down. You can deploy and recover these traffic calming products whenever and wherever you need them. The unique design of these speed bumps means that they will stay in place without the use of stakes, bolts, or adhesives. Simply put them down and link them together, made in the United States.

 The USB 4 Speed Bump provides you with 4 inches of solid, 100% recycled rubber which is manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, constant U.V. light, extreme weather conditions, and of course, high traffic volume. The USB 4 has been repeatedly field-tested to take the abuse and compression of extremely high-weight vehicles, including fully-loaded, 74,000 lb tractor-trailers. These qualities make the USB 4 Speed Bump ideal for temporary traffic stops, guarded gate entrances or exits, construction sites, or anywhere a more aggressive traffic control device is temporarily needed.

 The USB 4 Speed Bump comes with a high-visibility, yellow reflective stripe for use during low-light or night-time conditions.

* Portable OR Permanent
* Unlimited Connectivity
* Extremely Durable, High-Quality Recycled Rubber
* Does Not Cause Damage to Vehicle Undercarriages
* Manageable Size and Weight
* Cost Effective
* Recyclable

Dimensions & Technical Specs:
#HEIGHT: 4" (inches)
# LENGTH: 40" (inches) (measurement perpendicular to oncoming traffic)
# WIDTH: 18" (inches) (measurement which oncoming traffic drives over)
# WEIGHT: 50lbs. (pounds)
# MATERIAL: Vulcanized Recycled Rubber
# REFLECTIVITY: Yellow Reflective Stripe (both sides)
# EMPLACEMENT: Temporary Only

Product CodeSpeed Bump 4
ManufacturerU.S. Barricades®

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