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School Zone Warning Beacon System 200mm (12V Solar)

School Zone Warning Beacon System 200mm (12V Solar)


Product Code: SP8900
Made in USA #1Icon #2Icon #5

Product Information

U.S. Barricades School Zone Warning Beacon system is a cost effective solution for all types traffic safety applications. Can be made in a single or dual flashing beacon configuration, our systems are 100% made in the United State and guarantee to be the most durable and reliable units in the industry.

Warning beacons systems are programmed to activate according to a user-specified calendar with easy to use keypad or use our time management software. Recent studies demonstrate an average reduction of 7-10 MPH when flashing beacons were used compared with signage alone. School zone flashing beacons will reduce speeds and keep your school zones safe! For more information and prices call U.S. Barricades at 203-883-8660.
    * Aluminum powder coated Beacon Heads
    * Lens Size - 8" Beacon
    * Power - 12v Solar
    * Federal yellow, signal green, black, or custom colors
    * 2.0” hole top and bottom fits 1.5” NPT fittings
    * Terminal block installed
    * Stainless steel door roll pins and eye bolt/wing nut assemblies
    * Weathertight E.P.D.M. rubber door gasket.


    * Various signal modules - LED, incandescent.
    * Signal insert colors - red, yellow, green and arrows.
    * Visor - tunnel, cap and full circle.
    * Time clock module without dimming relay.
    * Two flashing beacons.
    * 365 day solid state programmable time clock
    * Photocell.


    * Increases roadside safety by warning drivers of hidden or approaching hazards.
    * Rugged high-quality signal housing.
    * Reliable solid-state flasher control.
    * Multiple configurations for mounting framework.

Product CodeSP8900
ManufacturerU.S. Barricades®

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