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Portable Traffic Signal PTS-308 (8 inch Lens)

Portable Traffic Signal PTS-308 (8 inch Lens)


Product Code: Mobile Traffic Signal PTS-308
Made in USA #1Icon #4

Product Information

Portable traffic signal, PTS-308 is state-of-the-art, battery operated fully programmable portable traffic systems with standard 200 mm L.E.D. signal display. The PTS-308 portable traffic signals come with two units, main signal has the control unit that is fully programmable and will communicate with the secondary unit. Up to 10 PTS-308 portable traffic signals can communicate with the main signal.

Overall Dimensions:

    * Weight N/A
    * Traveling Length: 1041mm (41")
    * Overall Length: 1524mm (60")
    * Traveling Width: 660mm (26")
    * Overall Width: 1067mm (42")
    * Overall Height: 3429mm (135")
    * Travelling Height: 2057mm (81")


    * 8" LED Lights


    * 3 traffic flow settings (light, moderate, and heavy)
    * Automatic mode: User enters the distance between the signal heads, the approximate number of vehicles flowing through the zone, and the posted speed limit; the controller then automatically calculates the timing of the lights
    * 18 pre-defined settings: offers factory preset timings
    * 12 user-defined settings: allows users to adjust timing to meet their specific needs
    * Time-split scheduling: allows user to program the system to have several timing schedules at different times of day, thus taking into account differences in traffic flow at the different times of the day
    * Software allows user to download a status log from the controller to a laptop.


    * Countdown display
    * Battery charger
    * AC connection
    * Directional antennas for distances over 1 mile (1.6km)

Trolley Material:

    * Steel battery/control box
    * Aluminum tube mast 51 mm x 51 mm x 3.175 mm (2" X 2" X 1/8")
    * Steel stabilizing arms


    * 6-volt 220 amp/hour deep-cycle batteries wired to provide a 12-volt system
          o Optional: Various batteries and configurations available
    * 10 gauge battery cables

Lift Mechanism:

    * 90 lb Gas Shocks


    * 10" Rubber tires


    * State-of-the-art powder coating system
    * Highway safety orange » is the standard color used
          o Optional: Other colors available to comply with different regulations
    * Powder coating quality
          o Certified UV protect paint
          o Impact resistant
          o Humidity resistant
          o Salt spray resistant


    * Battery fluids should be checked and topped off at least once a month
    * Visual inspection of mast cable


    * 1-year warranty on complete trolley
    * 6-month manufacturer’s warranty on batteries

Tech Support:

    * 24/7 technical support

Product CodeMobile Traffic Signal PTS-308

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