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Portable Traffic Signal PTS-1000

Portable Traffic Signal PTS-1000


Product Code: PTS-1000
Made in USA #1Icon #4

Product Information

Our new generation traffic light, the PTS-1000 is state of the art portable traffic signal with the latest features bringing safety and versatility to a new level. 

Overall Dimensions:

    * Traveling length: 1041mm (41”)
    * Overall length: 1524mm (60”)
    * Traveling Width: 660mm (26”)
    * Overall Width: 1067mm (42”)
    * Overall Height: 3429mm (135”)
    * Travelling Height: 2057mm (81”)


    * 12” LED Lights
      Optional 8” head


    * On site or remote programming
          o Onsite handheld capable of controlling multiple units.
    * Adjustable sequences of operation of the traffic signal unit(s)
    * Accommodates variations of additional devices, extra signal units and/or certain prioritized traffic movements depending on the special needs of the particular installation site (intersection)

 Normal traffic control pattern types:

    * Access (one signal head)
    * Shuttle
    * Two-way
    * T-junction
    * Crossroads
    * Variable Crossroads
    * System can be also programmed for four (4) Actuated operation types:
          o Vehicle Detector
          o Emergency Pre-emption
          o Manual operation by on-site operator
          o Pedestrian activation
    * Storage of  up to twenty (20) fixed-time phase plans (complete sequence of signal indications)
    * Built-in fail-safe barriers eliminate creation of conflicting traffic movements
    * Programmable sequences for both
          o start-up
          o communication loss
    * Complete on-site configuration and real-time program monitoring - operator can view the signal display on screen while it is running
    * Pre-determined time-split schedules from central controller downloadable by on-site operator
    * Monitoring
          o to detect signal display conflicts or loss of power
          o to verify the proper operation of the controller
    * Choice of alarm indications
          o Steady Circular Red
          o Flashing Red
          o Flashing Yellow


    * System comes standard with one 12" LED signals heads on each trolley
    * Synchronization is maintained through
    * radio communications
    * Primary and secondary trailers may be positioned
    * up to 1 mile apart


    * Vehicle detection
          o Microwave
          o Camera
          o Loop
    * Manual control
          o Hardwire manual control
          o Remote Pilot car Control
    * GPS
    * Pedestrian walk way
          o Schedule
          o Manual button
          o Countdown
    * Red lamp countdown
    * Pre-emption
    * Adaptable to advance warning systems
    * Alarm system defect via SMS
    * Remote communication
    * 12” led lamps ITE
    * 8”  led Lamps ITE
    * Lamp border (black or yellow)
    * Charger 55amp
    * Direct current (IQ4)
    * Turn arrow lamp indicator
    * Remote programming
    * Directional antenna
    * Red light
          o Strobe indicator

Trolley Material:

    * Steel Battery/control box
    * 51 mm x 51 mm x 3.175 mm (2’’ X 2’’ X 1/8”) Aluminum tube mast
    * Steel stabilizing arms


    * 6-volt 220 amp/hour deep-cycle batteries wired to provide a 12-volt system
      Optional: Various batteries and configurations available
      10 gauge batteries cables, Batteries not included.

Lift Mechanism:

    * 90 lbs Gas Shocks


    * 10” Rubber tires

Trolley Paint:

    * State-of-the-art powder coating system
      Highway safety orange » is the standard color used
      Optional: Other colors available to comply with different regulations
    * Powder coating quality
          o Certified UV protect paint
          o Impact resistant
          o Humidity Resistant
          o Salt spray resistant


    * Battery fluids should be checked and topped off at least once per month
    * Visual inspection of mast cable


    * 1-year warranty on complete trolley
    * 6-month manufacturer’s
      warranty on batteries


    * 24/7 technical support

Product CodePTS-1000

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