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Pedestrian Signal (16-inch Polycarbonate)

Pedestrian Signal (16-inch Polycarbonate)


Product Code: PS16-P
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Product Information

Polycarbonate Pedestrian Signal Housings are designed to be used in conjunction with standard or LED pedestrian signal modules to promote pedestrian safety at intersections. All housings exceed the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) standards, offering a low maintenance and durable housing in either die cast aluminum or injection molded polycarbonate resin.

All doors are attached with stainless steel detent-type clevis or roll pins and eye bolt/wing nut assemblies. Two equally spaced mounting lugs, integrally cast into the top and bottom of the 16”and the sides of the 12”, allow the doors to hinge from either direction. When clevis pins are used, the door and eye bolt assemblies can be removed and rotated without the use of any tools, facilitating maintenance. All interior mounting locations on the 16” housing are symmetrically positioned, allowing the rotation of components when using the bi-directional clamshell Mount to mount to the right or left side.

    * 16” Rugged polycarbonate  construction
    * Terminal block with quick-disconnect fittings on one side of each terminal position
    * Designed for standard symbol or word pedestrian signal modules including LED
    * Door-hinge hardware can be removable and reversible or permanently attached
    * Highly customizable including a variety of fabrication, mounting, and visor options
    * Stainless steel hardware includes hinge pins and eye bolt/wing nuts (latch)

Product CodePS16-P

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