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LED Pedestrian Signal 12-inch Full Hand, Full Person, Countdown

LED Pedestrian Signal 12-inch Full Hand, Full Person, Countdown


Product Code: GT1-TM-LED
Made in USA #1Icon #5

Product Information

GE LED Pedestrian Signal with Full Hand, Full Person, Overlay, Countdown in 12-inch modules providing a cost effective and reliable unit over incandescent lighting systems. Advantages are up to 90% energy savings, longer life, fewer maintenance hassles and lower maintenance costs. U.S. Barricades offer a full line of GE LED Pedestrian Control Signals at discounted prices for your municipality or state D.O.T.

Excellent Appearance & Visibility:

• LED system design enables high luminous intensity over long product life
• Individual power supply drives each display to ensure proper indication
• Efficient optical system minimizes power consumption while providing excellent
uniformity and viewing angles
• New! Single piece transparent front window with internal masking to prevent:
- icons display from being readily visible when not in operation
- scratches and abrasions compared with external silk screen technology
• Bright and clear icons
• New or retrofit use
• Fully uniform look

Meets Rigorous Certification & Testing Standards:

• Intertek ETL Verified compliant
• EPACT 2005 compliant
• Using MIL-STD-810F for environmental robustness, passed reliability and qualification
   testing including high temperature, high humidity cycling (HTHH for 1,000 hours)
• Production quality compliant to GE Six Sigma requirements
• Compliant with the ITE PTCSI LED Signal Modules

Product CodeGT1-TM-LED

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