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Channelizer Post (3 inch round)

Channelizer Post (3 inch round)


Product Code: Channelizer Post 300

Product Information


U.S. Barricade Model300 Channelizer Post
The only channelizer post made in the United States!

  U.S Barricades channelizer posts come in many sizes with reflective options to meet all types of traffic control needs. Our posts are the most durable and  the brightest in the industry, using 3M reflective sheeting makes our channelizer post highly visible. Research has shown that fluorescent colors grab the eye's attention quickly keeping drivers alert. In low light conditions or on dark, gray winter days when visibility is limited, our fluorescent posts stand out boldly and help to more effectively guide motorists.

Channelizer Options:

Sizes - 18", 24", 33", 36", 39" and 42"
Post Color - Orange, White and Yellow.
3M Reflective Bands - 1-3",  2-3" and 3-3" bands.
Band Colors - White and Yellow.

Base Options:

A.B.S. high impact plastic, one piece injection molded with two (2) plastic anchor drive pins.
Hy-Last, heavy duty elastic rubber, one piece molded base.

Poly-Urethane – the Material of Choice:

The USB 300 Channelizer post are made from poly-urethane, the toughest flexible polymer on the market today. Poly-urethane provides high tensile and elongation properties, with superior resistance to tearing and puncture. The polymer maintains its flexibility to -50° F, and its toughness during exposure to fuels, oils and grease. Polyurethane is simply the material of choice for “can’t fail” applications.

Damaged Posts Are Replaced Quickly & Easily:

All channelizer posts are attached to our bases with two simple Quick Release pins. It takes only seconds to replace a damaged post without using any tools, this is very important for work zone installations where speed and ease of replacement are of the utmost importance. Quick replacement of damaged posts means less exposure for workers, a big plus for safety!








Typical applications for channelizer posts:

·  2-way 2-lane Detour Operations
·  Acceleration Lanes & Merges
·  HOV Lane Buffer Separation
·  Dedicated Transit Lanes
·  Parking Lots & Garages
·  Motorist aid call boxes
·  Rental Car Facilities
·  Drive-through Lanes
·  Median crossovers
·  Airport Crosswalks
·  School Crosswalks
·  Traffic Island ends
·  Dangerous curves
·  Objects / hazards
·  Culvert locations


Product CodeChannelizer Post 300

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