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XX% Grade XX Miles (W7-3B) Construction Sign

 XX% Grade XX Miles (W7-3B) Construction Sign
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Product Code: W7-3b
Made in USA #1Icon #5

Product Information

XX% Grade XX Miles (W7-3B) Temporary orange construction traffic sign is MUTCD compliant and is used for safety protocol to help display official regulations and provide mandatory information to drivers and pedestrians on Federal, State and County roads.

Hill-Related W7-2 series or W7-3 series plaques or other appropriate legends and larger signs should be used for emphasis or where special hill characteristics exist. On longer grades, the use of the distance plaque W7-3aP or W7-3bP) at periodic intervals of approximately 1-mile spacing should be considered.

• MUTCD W7-3b Temporary Orange Road Sign Sizes - 36"x 36" or 48"x 48"
• Signs are made from thick .080 gauge U.S. Aluminum
• All signs carry the 3M warranty to last for years outdoors
3M reflective signs comply with latest MUTCD and State D.O.T specifications
• Aluminum Temporary Construction signs do not rust and guaranteed to last for years
• Two ⅜″ holes centered top and bottom for easy installations
• Add posts, sign base and bolts to your order.
• Made in the United States

Product CodeW7-3b
ManufacturerU.S. Barricades®

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